Mason creek farm's Circle Subscriptions:
How does it work?
The first Community Supported Agriculture Associations (CSAs) started in Japan over 40 years ago. A group of Japanese women became concerned about the decline of family farms in the face of rising food imports and they decided to do something about it. These women set up an agreement with local growers and established a direct connection between those who work the land and the local community. The Japanese word (takei) is translated as putting the "farmer's face on food." It is very important these days that you know who is raising your food and how they are doing it.
In Community Supported Agriculture, people sign up to receive a share of locally grown produce over a growing season. By joining, you express your support for a locally grown food supply and for the farmers who grow it. CSA members pay for their shares or subscription in advance, allowing growers to plan ahead and purchase supplies for the coming season. In return, you will receive a weekly share of fresh, high quality produce that has minimal impact on our planet's resources by being raised naturally, organically, and sustainably.
With the mason creek farm subscription, you determine how many baskets/deliveries and dozen eggs you would like to be your share of the farms production. There is an eight delivery minimum commitment and the length of time covered can reach up to one year. Each order has a different combination of seasonal items, but there is a guideline; for instance, a basket generally would include 2 bags of salad greens, one greens selection, 1 or 2 of the available vegetables and an herb. Particular items may be requested and additional items may be ordered to include in your delivery. Each order is delivered only when you order online, so you determine when you want them.
PLEASE NOTE: By subscribing to the mason creek farm Circle, you understand that you share the risks as well as the rewards of the farm season and you accept that there may be circumstances beyond our control, such as severe weather or crop failure. Substitutions may be made if necessary.



Garden Basket:

Any & all produce on farm; generally includes 2 salad greens, greens, 1-2 vegis and herbs

$25 ea

Egg Subscription:

(available only with full subscription)


Pastured Pork Box:

20# Box of selected cuts: 4 x 1# Bacon, 4 Pkg Chops, 2 Boston Butt Roasts, 1 Picnic Roast, 2 ea: Italian Sausage, Breakfast Sausage, Bratwurst Links

(available only to subscribers)



* minimum of 8 delivery commitment for any subscription


Thursday deliveries:

Key Architecture

Gregg St., Fayetteville

Environmental Defense Fund S. Walton, Bentonville

Rogers, AR

Friday Deliveries:

Sunbridge Counseling

Sunbridge, Fayetteville

Clark Residence

#1 Stonebridge, Fayetteville

(hosting or adding additional delivery sites is negotiable with sufficient orders)







Arugula X   X
Asparagus X
Beans X
Beets X X
Blackberries X
Blueberries X
Cabbage X X
Carrots X X
Collard Greens X X
Cucumbers X
Fennel Bulb X
Green Onion X X X
Herbs X X X
Kale, Red Russian X
Leeks X X
Mizuna X X
Mushrooms X X X
Peas: Sugar & Snap X
Peppers X X
Persimmons     X
Potatoes X X X
Pumpkins     X
Radishes X X
Salad Mix X X X
Sorrel X X X
Summer Squash: Yellow & Zucchini X X
Strawberries X  
Sweet Potatoes X
Swiss Chard X X
Tomatoes X X
Turnips X X
Turnip Greens X X
Watermelon X
Winter Squash     X
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